The BEST Banana Pancakes

And yes, I said the best…

These pancakes are a real hit around our house. We first started making these when we started Baby Led Weaning (BLW) with our daughter. (So yes, they are also baby-friendly.) They actually might be one of the first few foods that we gave her. Seriously, we all love them. They taste good, AND they’re healthy. Now, if you’re watching your carbs, you might want to steer clear, but we aren’t fighting in “the war on carbs” at the moment. Skip to the recipe>>

I also mentioned healthy…

Now, unless you’re doing KETO, these pancakes are pretty customizable for any other type of diet that you might be doing. If you’re calorie counting, you can add more or less. The way I prepare this recipe you can make about 4 medium-sized pancakes or 6 or 7 smaller pancakes. My husband will even make one GIANT pancake. Either way, if you plan on eating the entire batch, it’s going to put you at about 400 calories. (8g fat, 85g carbs, 20g protein)

Now, for those of you doing Weight Watchers (like me), I went ahead and tracked the entire recipe on each plan. It came out to 6 points on the Green Plan, 4 points on the Blue Plan, and 0 points on the Purple Plan. (I’m on the Blue Plan, for now)

A little disclaimer

Now, I am not a chef, I’m not even a great cook. The majority of the time my pancakes come out looking a little darker than the average person would prefer (especially for someone who is trying to take pictures of their food). Ha! However, they’re always super tasty, and that’s the most important part.


2 medium bananas (smashed) 
1/2 cup Old Fashioned Oatmeal (blended)
1/4 cup egg whites
1 whole egg 
Cinnamon use your best judgment
Vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon
Swerve Sweetener- optional
Other fruit- optional 


  1. I start out by going ahead and blending the oatmeal in a food processor to a flour-like consistency, and then set it aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl smash the bananas, and whisk them with a fork until they’re a consistency you prefer them to be at. Some people like little chunks of bananas throughout.
  3. Pour in your egg whites and whole egg.
  4. You can add in vanilla extract if you want, I like to add it for a little extra sweetness. Add in your oatmeal, your cinnamon, and a little sweetener (optional). Sometimes I will also add in some blueberries but it’s not necessary.
  5. Now, you want to have your pan on a medium heat setting, spray with a little cooking spray, and add in your batter. I usually flip after bubbles form and start popping.
  6. Between each pancake, I take the pan off of the heat, before I pour in more batter just to let the pan cool off a little bit. (Sometimes I get impatient and end up with darker pancakes.)
  7. Repeat until you’re done. You can also add some more fruit on top. Top with some syrup, other fruit, or even some jam or almond butter. Enjoy!