Pressing the RESTART Button on Your Diet

It’s crazy to think about weighing more than you did when you were 5 months postpartum. This year was going to be my year. I wanted to look good, feel good, and have my body back to myself. Well, 2020 had different plans. I’ve been stuck in the house for months; my clothes don’t fit; I’m ALWAYS hungry; I’m exhausted, and it’s just time to hit the restart button. Here are a few things that help me when I’m trying to lose weight or even just live a healthier lifestyle. Maybe they can help you too! 

Getting motivated and staying inspired… 

Motivation is KEY for me. I try to keep myself motivated by taking progress pictures or putting on outfits that I love. Sometimes, the number on the scale doesn’t change, but if you have those pictures to look back on it’s easier to see the changes your body is making. As of right now, my favorite pair of shorts (that I just bought LAST SUMMER) don’t fit comfortably at all, so I’m using those as motivation as well. The more you can physically see the changes the more likely you will stick to your diet. 

Picking a “diet” that is sustainable for YOU

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to picking out the right diet plan is to choose something that is the most sustainable for YOU. What works best for someone may not be what will work best for you. Recently, I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers. Mostly because I’m more likely to want to stick to a plan if I’m paying for it. Weight Watchers is pretty similar to calorie counting except you don’t have to figure out how many calories you’re actually supposed to be getting in a day. You also have a little bit of wiggle room, so if you want a cookie you can eat it and not feel like you have to start completely over.


Usually, I’m the worst at this. That exhaustion sets in, and all I can think about is caffeine. I find it easier to drink more water out of a straw, so recently I ordered some metal straws that fit in my tumbler that I carry around and that’s made a huge difference for me! It’s super easy for me to get bored with water, so I typically have a lot of different sugar-free water flavorings in my pantry or thrown in my purse.  Seriously though, drinking more water is one of the best things you can do for your body. Your skin looks better, you will feel less bloated, and you don’t feel hungry ALL THE TIME. 


This past year it has been so hard for me to shut my brain off at night. After you have children it’s really hard to let go of all of the “what-ifs.” However, sleep is so beneficial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and let’s be honest the later you stay up the more likely you’re going to get hungry again after dinner. 

*Always remember, one bad day does not make you lose all of your progress.*

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