WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? Whew! The past couple of months have been probably the most challenging, and I’m only a year and a half into being a mom! My daughter turned one right at the beginning of the shutdown. The saying “no time is a good time” didn’t apply here… at least not for us! I think any time up to that point would have probably been at least a little bit easier. 
FIRST TIME MOM HERE.. so the struggle was already real. I thank God we sleep trained her at the very beginning of the year. I’m not sure I would’ve made it without sleep. Everything up to this point was thrown out the window. The mom guilt really started to set in and I was questioning everything I was doing! Is this too much screen time? Is this too much sugar? Too salty? Is she drinking enough water? Should I cap her nap times? 


-Daily walks and time outside

 Before quarantine, we would leave the house at least once a day just to get out and about. Mia always seems to be much happier and less cranky with a little change in scenery. So, once we were limited on what we could do we would just take daily walks. We would either go to a little walking trail up the road from our house or ride up to my parents house and walk around their neighborhood with my mom. Once it got too hot for that we ended up buying outdoor water toys, a blow up pool, and a little splash pad so we could basically have our own little water park at home.


I can not stress this enough. Like I said earlier, I thank God we decided to sleep train Mia when we did. We follow a pretty specific schedule every day when it comes to napping, eating, and bedtime. It’s what works best for us and I’m so thankful for it. YOU NEED YOUR SLEEP. There were many days that I actually took a short nap while she was napping. Most days during her naps I was able to get things done around the house. Really, there’s no other time to do it so if I didn’t get it done while she was napping it was likely not getting done. 

-My husband

That “not so typical housewife” I was referring to in my “ABOUT ME” page comes into play here. I am not one of those wives that has everything ready when my husband comes home. The majority of the time the house is turned upside down, food probably isn’t prepared, and he’s lucky if I stop to give him a kiss when he walks in. His job wasn’t completely shut down during all of the chaos, but he basically worked out of the house every other week. So, on the days he was home he would wake up with her and let me sleep in an extra hour. On the days he had to go into work, he would get home and immediately drop everything to spend time with her so I could have a minute to myself. He’s seriously the best. 

-Did anyone mention the quaranTEN? 

I might have been hyped up on coffee, Diet Mountain Dew or the excessive amount of cookies I was eating. I might have spent too much time during quarantine trying to perfect my moms cookie recipe. My excuse? Eating sweets releases endorphins.. and if you’ve seen Legally Blonde then you know that “endorphins make you happy.” I’m pretty sure she was referring to exercise in that movie, which I completely opted out of during the entire “stay at home” order. Ha! Jokes on me when I was able to start work again and tried fitting into my pants. Oh well, maybe next time..